Savers Donation Drive

We would appreciate your donations!

Clean out your closets to support Sweeps & Sculls Rowing. We are collecting clothing , small household items and books for our Savers Fundraising Drive. 

What are we fundraising for?

Not only is this a great opportunity to see what promises to be a fantastic movie about the sport of rowing, but you also get to help our rowers raise money for 4 new sets of sculling oars (each set  is $1000). Our club does a lot of sculling and is very short of sculling oars, so this will make an immediate and direct impact on the junior high and high school rowers that work hard at practice every day!

We are trying to raise money to purchase as many new sets of sculling oars as possible for the club. These oars will make an immediate impact on the rowers that are currently participating in our program because:

  • We use sculling oars a lot and often have issues with not having enough sets.

  • Most of the kids love sculling and we have been able to be more competitive in sculling events, so oar use has definitely been an issue over time.

  • Sculling is really much better for our younger rowers for many reasons so we try to have our middle schoolers scull as often as possible as well.

  • We just purchased 2 new sculling boats to give people more opportunities to scull – a coxed quad and a heavyweight quad – but now need to add oars.

  • We focus on sculling with our new Masters rowers as well, so EVERYONE in the club uses sculling oars!

  • It is very difficult to find used sculling oars.

  • The cost of each set of sculling oars is $1000. Ideally we would purchase 4 sets so we have enough for a full quad.

When and where...

Dates: We are accepting donations until March 2, 2024!

Drop Off Location:
Sweeps & Sculls Indoor Rowing Center
4410 Route 176, Unit #14
Crystal Lake, IL

Drop Off Days/Times: Over the winter break (December 23 to January 7), call for a drop off time.

Starting January 8 – drop off your donations on any of the following days and times:

Monday-Thursday: 5:30-7:00p
Saturday-Sunday: 8-10a

Schedule a Pick Up: Text or call Coach Sue Koscielski at (815) 693-3734 if you would like us to pick up your bags.

What can you donate?

Clothes: men’s, women’s, & children’s clothes, coats, shoes, scarves, handbags, wallets, fashion accessories, belts, backpacks, etc.

Household Textiles: bedding, comforters, blankets, sheets, towels, linen, tablecloths, curtains, pillows, etc.

Please gather clothes and household textiles in bags. All items must be clean and in sellable condition.

Small Household Goods: kitchen items (such as pots/pans, dishes, silverware, glasses, serving pieces and hand-held appliances), home decorative items, knick-knacks, toys, games, and small electronics

Books: paperback, hard cover – all genres
*no encyclopedias or text books

Please pack small household goods and books in boxes that can be easily carried and stacked.