Masters Program

What is a Masters rower?

A Master’s rower at Sweeps and Sculls comes in all different shapes and sizes. Some are collegiate rowers wishing to continue their experiences on the water. Some have developed a late it life appreciation for rowing and strive to improve and perfect their rowing skills. Others love the sport because their experience with their kids on the Junior team has in turn become their passion.

Regardless of the walk taken to become a rower, Sweeps and Sculls supports the growth of the Master rowers ongoing development with equipment, coaching, peer rowing and regattas.

If you are new to rowing look at our Masters Learn to Row program below.

Sculling - Doubles Shell
Sculling - Quad
Sculling - Single
Sweeps & Sculls launch facilities and coaching boats
Oar boards for Masters new to rowing
Masters singles sculls. Easy access right by the water

Rowing is not as easy as it seems