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Free Indoor Rowing Session

Adults are invited to register for our free class to learn more about indoor rowing. Register below so we know you are coming.

Winter 2024 Session Dates

Cost: FREE

Thursday, March 7, 2024
7-8 pm


Indoor Rowing Center
4410 Rt. 176 
Unit #14
Crystal Lake 

Introduction to Indoor Rowing

Sweeps & Sculls Rowing offers FREE! indoor rowing introductory classes every month throughout the winter. We enourage adults of all abilities and youth from 6th grade and up to join us for this free class! From November to March, this hour long introductory class covers basic instruction on rowing technique and how to get a workout on a rowing machine, opportunities to continue indoor rowing, a brief overview of how indoor rowing relates to rowing on the water. 

Some Reasons to Explore Indoor Rowing

  • You’ve seen the rowing machine at the gym and have either used it and didn’t really get much out of it or haven’t worked up the nerve to get on it.
  • You think you might like to try rowing on the water.
  • You’re looking for a way to shake up your fitness options.
  • You need a low-impact and fun way to stay active.
  • It’s a great activity for parents and adult children to do together!
  • It’s also a great activity for parent and teens or pre-tens to do together!
  • You have teens or pre-teens that you think might enjoy rowing.