Our Adult Learn to Row Clinics allow anyone that is interested to get an introduction to rowing and some hands-on experience with the sport. We want you to have a great experience with rowing and love to welcome visitors to our facilities. The Learn to Row Clinic is broken into two steps, each are about 2 hours.  For those that would like to continue their rowing experience can choose to continue with our Learn to Row Program.

For more information about our adult rowing opportunities, please use our Contact Us form. We will get back to you quickly.

Step 1 - Boatyard Visit

Visit the boatyard for our dryland introduction to rowing, terminology and equipment. This usually takes about 1 hour.

Step 2 - Row with the Masters for a morning

Once the dryland introduction is complete, we invite our Learn to Row attendees to come out on a Saturday or Sunday morning and get in a Quad or 8+ boat and row with our experienced Masters group. Don't worry, this first row is targeted for you and you won't be rowed out of the boat. This is your chance to feel what rowing is like on the amazing Fox River with our club. This is typically a 2 -3 hour experience.

Step 3 - Continuing with Coached Rows and punch cards

Coached rows are offered on most Saturday's and Sunday's along with our Masters Open Row program. Some of this does depend on the availablity of our coaches, but we do our best to help you get time on the water. During this time, you can continue to gain experience rowing in a Quad with our Masters or individually on one of our oar boards as determined by our coaches. This is based on the what the coach thinks will work best with the resources that are available. Learning to row straight and working with a team starts here in a welcoming and inclusive environment. A coach helps to guide you along the way with the goal of seeing you become more confident in your rowing skills. The coach also ensures that you learn about our club rules, water safety guidelines and more about how the Sweeps & Sculls boat yard works. Our goal is to help you develop an interest in rowing to encourage you to continue with our club.

Punch cards are offered for our Learn to Row participants. This helps you experience rowing without needing to feel like you need to become a member right away.

A small fee is required for the Learn to Row program and punch cards. Please contact us for more information. This program structure may be changed from time to time to accomodate different needs and skills.

The Last Step - Joining the Club

Our goal is to be inclusive and help Masters of all different skill levels develop into the best rowers that they can be. At this point we hope that you appreciate our hands on approach with Masters rowing. Coaches continue to provide individual guidance and opportunities to row. If you think rowing is for you, joining Sweeps & Sculls can be a life changing experience.

The concept of rowing is easy to grasp. It's just two oars. And yet those two oars can take a life time to master.