Beginner Rowing Camp Information

When: August 5-9 from 8a-11a

Where: Classes are held at the Wauconda Beach House (112 Park St.)

What: What will you be learning? Each day you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself! We will start with an introduction to the sport of rowing, and teach basic tecnique off the water, then transition into the boats.

Who: This class is specifically for Junior High and High Schoolers, ages approximately 12-19 and will be new to everyone! It's a great chance to try something with other kids your age. There is no experience necessary with rowing, boats, etc. to get started. We'll teach you everything you need to know! The only prerequisite is that you are able to tread water and swim at least 100 yards. If you're a water kid, this could be the sport for you!

Cost: $200

How to sign up: Please complete the form to begin the registration process.  We will contact you with additional information, an emergency form and waiver.

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