Sweeps & Sculls Junior High/High School Rowing Program is open to students in 7th through 12th grade. There are many reasons to row – from college admissions, to personal development and satisfaction to camaraderie and teamwork. Rowing is a total team experience that completely immerses the athlete like no other sport. 

Team Experience
The team experience in rowing is like no other -- athletes form very close friendships and have a lot of fun. They become responsible to their team and help each other develop and perform. Other sports talk about responsibility and teamwork, but in rowing it is the performance of the crew together that counts more than any one individual. Many students find that rowing gives them that social group which they have been searching for!

Personal Development
Rowing is for everyone and will make you stronger, and more focused -- in fact, rowers are the toughest, most determined athletes you will meet! Rowing works all the muscle groups and burns more calories than almost any other sport or exercise. It is a sport that demands endurance, strength and skill. It requires consummate mental toughness and will maximize the potential of any athlete. Overall, rowing gives students a boost in their personal development and prepares them well with good habits for success throughout life.

College Admissions
For parents and students, one of the primary advantages of high school rowing is the benefit of improved college admissions. The application process for the best colleges has become more competitive and selective than ever. Rowing is the fastest growing NCAA sport and many colleges recruit for crew and some even offer scholarships.